3 Unique Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day

3 Unique Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day

Well, friends, whether you love it or hate it, Valentine's Day is upon us. Known to some as "Single's Awareness Day" and our new favorite iteration, "Galentine's Day," February 14th will be here in two weeks, so if you are planning on celebrating one of the days monikers, we thought it would be fun to throw out some ideas for unique ways to celebrate Valentine's Day. 

Winter Hiking


The first idea may seem odd. A little quirky, perhaps. But, that's probably why we love it. Grab your significant other, gal pal, or even your fur baby and plan a fabulous winter hike. We live so close to so many beautiful trails...take advantage of them! Use an app like AllTrails to find something the right difficulty for you and your companions. Showshoes are a must and can be rented for next to nothing through almost any sporting goods rental shop. Pack a picnic lunch (ahem, perhaps a few sandwiches and macarons from your favorite SLC or Draper bakery & cafe), a thermos of coffee or hot chocolate (or even soup), and a waterproof blanket or tarp and head out for the ultimate Valentine's Day adventure!


Social Axe Throwing

If you are feeling adventurous but some thing less...cold appeals to you, we have heard great things about Social Axe Throwing. These date spots are popping up all over Salt Lake and Utah Counties and seem custom-made for a date night for those who cringe at the thought of chocolates and roses. Who knows, you may even fall in love...with the sport that is. Don't worry, there are even leagues you can join. Think of it like bowling...with axes.


Celebrate at Gourmandise

In our own Gourmandise style, we created another fun way to celebrate without too much effort on your part. Come on in the week of Valentine's Day and order our Valentine's Special. You will get a platter for two with delicious cookies to decorate as well as 2 beverages of choice (alcohol not included...I know, sorry). Perfect for date night, an after-school treat with your littlest Valentines, or even lunch with your Galentines. Hold up our fun Valentine’s Day frame and have your server snap a pic to remember it all.


So, whether you are a lover or a hater, we hope these ideas have given you some unique ways to celebrate (or maybe not despise as much) Valentine's Day this year! Until next time...

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