The Gourmandise journey had humble beginnings and has taken us on a path we never anticipated, but seems like it was destined for us to find all along.

Gourmandise was opened over 25 years ago by an immigrant family who wanted to bring European desserts to the city they’d made their own. In 2006, another immigrant’s entrepreneurial spirit, family’s bakery heritage, and belief that the modest bakery and café could become something wonderful laid the foundation for what Gourmandise has become today. 

Since we bought the historic brick building in downtown Salt Lake City and the Gourmandise brand with its time-tested recipes, we’ve been driven by what we didn’t know and what we wanted to find out. We’ve discovered that Gourmandise is part of many people’s story and has been bringing generations of folks from all walks of life and backgrounds together for many years and reasons. This iconic Utah establishment has been carried forward by a remarkable team of people who believe that the best is yet to come, that there’s a seat for anyone at our table, and that everyone should have the chance to feel special and enjoy great food. As one of many fantastic places to dine in Utah, we believe our heritage, craftsmanship, and welcoming tradition sets us apart.

Grateful for the friends and partners that have given us the strength to go further than we could go alone, we are honored by those who have blessed us with their support and camaraderie. We remain committed to fostering the warm environment that people near and far have come to rest in and return to while carrying forward the tradition that has delighted our friends and guests for over 25 years in innovative and relevant ways.

Vernon & Hally Hanssen



We’ve been honored to have been the recipient of hundreds of awards over the years.

A few of the most significant are:

▪ BEST OF STATE: Best Gourmet Bistro and also Best Bakery

▪ SALT LAKE MAGAZINE: Reader's Choice Awards- Best Desserts

▪ DOWNTOWN MAGAZINE: Baker's Dozen / Best Bakeries

▪ CITY WEEKLY: Reader's Choice Awards: Best Bakery

▪ DEVOUR UTAH: Pastry Perfection

▪ DEVOUR UTAH: Salt Lake Sensational Sandwiches